country: Austria
year: 1947

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Akustische und Kino-Geräte Ges. m. b. H.

Founded in 1947 by Rudolph Goerike and Ernest Pless, this Austrian audio device-building company specializes in constructing microphones and earphones. In 1953, as a first company in the world, AKG manufactured dynamic cardioid microphone. Although, AKG C12, a condenser microphone model, is considered most famous; it was produced since 1953 as well.

  • AKG D 202 CS

    AKG D 202 CS

    years 1960s

    nr: 81599

    A dynamic microphone with cardioid characteristics equipped with a 50 Hz, -7 dB and -20 dB filter. A solid structure with universal sound values. One of the most successful models from the Austrian company, which is still used in studios and on stage. 3-pin DIN socket.

  • AKG D1000 C

    AKG D1000 C

    years 60's

    nr: none

    A valued dynamic microphone made in Austria. This is the gold version. A solid, metal device made with attention to detail. Pretty good-sounding. The body features a B/M/S switch. Our microphone is slightly scratched, but works perfectly. Contains a DIN receptacle.

  • AKG D11 N

    AKG D11 N

    years 60's

    nr: 10016

    A beautiful squarish one by AKG. It has an m/s switch at the back, which enables you to set up the microphone for receiving speech or music. The cable features a 3-pin DIN connector. At the bottom, there’s a hole for mounting the mike on a stand. A rather rare find in a beautiful condition.

  • AKG D12

    AKG D12

    years 60's

    nr: 77727273737

    A dynamic microphone made by an Austrian company and world-renowned as one of the best tools for recording bassdrum. Frequently used when recording bass instruments. Our version has an in-built switch, which, when engaged, gives no audible effect. Currently, one of the best-priced dynamic microphones.

  • AKG D130

    AKG D130

    years 70's

    nr: none

    As usual for this Austrian manufacturer, the craftsmanship is of high quality. The microphone is solid, excellently crafted, the grill is covered with fine balls like model M640 N. XLR socket. In perfect visual and technical condition, sounds very good.

  • AKG D160 E1

    AKG D160 E1

    years 70s

    nr: none

    The dynamic microphone completely made of metal with a convenient shape of a “finger”. It is characterized with a warm and rich saturated sound especially as regards medium tones. A well-liked option in the studio. An XLR connector.

  • AKG D20

    AKG D20

    years 60's

    nr: 1705

    One of the most valued dynamic microphones and one of the jewels of our collection. Packed in a stylish wooden box. A studio standard in the bass recordings. A switch on the casing which makes it possible to regulate the strength of the signal. The microphone is equipped with a peculiar, currently absolete, 3-pin socket AKG DIN connector

  • AKG D24

    AKG D24

    years 80's

    nr: 10798

    A dynamic microphone, wholly made of metal. A small but solid Austrian design connected with a cable with a 3-pin DIN connector. An attractive-sounding AKG item for the stage and studio. Comes with a box.

  • AKG D5

    AKG D5

    years 80's

    nr: none

    A very odd microphone from AKG’s portfolio. A low-budget, plastic design with an on/off switch.  The cable ends with a double mono 1/8” jack plug.

  • AKG D58

    AKG D58

    years 60's

    nr: none

    Miniature dynamic microphone by well-known Austrian manufacturer. Fits greatly where we don't have space for big, solid structures. Due to its characteristics, it has no problem with catching the source in noise. Often to be found in PCR on talkback. Entirely metal. Connector - small tuchel.

  • AKG D66

    AKG D66

    years 60's

    nr: none

    The stereophonic dynamic microphone is produced in Austria, praised for its sound qualities. It allows recording the sound from two capsules at the same time or disconnecting them in two separate microphones. All is made of plastic, originally on another tripod than the one in the photo. Din plug comes with 6 pins. The original box.

  • AKG D7d

    AKG D7d

    years 70's

    nr: none

    A cheap Austrian dynamic microphone from the 1970s. A wire base allows for placing it on a flat surface. Made of plastic. The cable with a 3-pin DIN connector at the end. Our microphone is in perfect condition.

  • AKG DYN 60K

    AKG DYN 60K

    years 40's

    nr: 7131

    The first microphone under the AKG brand. Hand-made in the 1940s. Wholly made of metal. The handle allows for installing it on a tripod. It was placed on a metal base in the original. Unfortunately, signs of the passage of time can be seen on our piece.

  • AKG ECHOLETTE Select Master 12

    AKG ECHOLETTE Select Master 12

    years 60's

    nr: none

    Twin brother of the AKG D12. Manufactured under licence by Echolette (subsequently Dynacord) with the name Select Master 12. One of the nicest and best-sounding microphones in our collection. Worth recommending to any bassist and drummer. XLR connector.

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