We collect old microphones!

It all started by some coincidence and became sort of habitual. Because not all of you can visit us in our studio, we decided to show off our ‘old mics stuff’ on the internet. Most of them aren’t fit for recording, but look perfectly on a shelf; however, some models are still pretty much usable. Our collection is far from being complete. There are loads of mics out there in the world and in Poland, about which we can only dream of. We hope that with time, our dream will come true :)

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News - in our collection


New microphone! HITACHI NDM-09

A trifle, but it makes us happy. A Japanese microphone for Hitachi voice recorders. Small size, but really decent. Cheap, functional microphone.



New microphone! AIWA DM-51

Our collection includes another of the microphones of this somewhat forgotten brand, once celebrating triumphs also on the Polish market. And as befits Aiwa, this piece also defends the quality of workmanship. Welcome to the USA/JP department.



New microphone! PHILIPS N8302

This simple, plastic Philips may not impress you, but you can never have too many microphones in their original packaging and in a shop condition. Another to that department. We are slowly closing the N series.



New microphone! GRUNDIG GDM 516

A long, long time before the term “voice recorder” became popular in the courts and offices, Stenorette recording machines were used. Our hero of today worked with such a machine. Typical utilitarian design, but very helpful every day.



New microphone! SHURE 545 S UNIDYNE III

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Shure 545 S Unidyne III Series 2. One of the absolute stage and studio classics. Valued and used all over the world to this day. Now in the USA / Japan section at Oldmics.pl.


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