We collect old microphones!

It all started by some coincidence and became sort of habitual. Because not all of you can visit us in our studio, we decided to show off our ‘old mics stuff’ on the internet. Most of them aren’t fit for recording, but look perfectly on a shelf; however, some models are still pretty much usable. Our collection is far from being complete. There are loads of mics out there in the world and in Poland, about which we can only dream of. We hope that with time, our dream will come true :)

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News - in our collection


New microphone! TELEFUNKEN TC 600 HIFI

The HiFi era according to the German brand. We do appreciate the box, a nice set but there is no windshield, and the body did not stand the test of time without slight soiling. But the general condition is satisfactory. We’ll take it.



New microphone! AKG D160 E1

Excellently-kept dynamic AKG finger with an interesting sound. We have a few similar ones, but this one will also be useful especially because it is also in good technical and visual condition.



New microphone! PANASONIC RP-V220

Such a specimen appeared in the section with Japanese and American equipment. Isn’t it an odd design? In the enclosed user instructions, the manufacturer thoroughly explains how to set the capsules to obtain the best effects while recording instruments, speakers and conversations.



New microphone! MB ELECTRONIC MB 220

The fourth brother on our shelf. Twins with different fathers :) Everybody that is over 30-something and lived in Central Europe should remember this model. In Poland, it was manufactured by the irreplaceable Tonsil Company.



New microphone! PHILIPS N8 210

Well... Perhaps this is not a super refined model from the Dutch manufacturer, but it is enough for a tape recorder. Besides, it looks new because we received it in excellent condition. It also has a beautiful base.


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