We collect old microphones!

It all started by some coincidence and became sort of habitual. Because not all of you can visit us in our studio, we decided to show off our ‘old mics stuff’ on the internet. Most of them aren’t fit for recording, but look perfectly on a shelf; however, some models are still pretty much usable. Our collection is far from being complete. There are loads of mics out there in the world and in Poland, about which we can only dream of. We hope that with time, our dream will come true :)

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News - in our collection


New microphone! PIEZO MX3 blue-grey

This microphone brings associations with armoured military vehicles — German ones, on top of that. This is already the second specimen of this model. The previous grey specimen did not have the original base. This one we received with the original foot.



New microphone! TELEFUNKEN TD33

Not particularly impressive but it is nice equipment in terms of the design. A large logo on the grille and the selection of colours create a favourable impression. But when we hold it, the magic is gone. But this brand is always welcome in our collection.



New microphone! PHILIPS N8306/00

Ohhh, how we like 40-year-old microphones that look like new, even if they do not impress by the richness of sounds and functions, as in the case of this one. A box, a tripod mount and a base - everything’s here. Excellent.



New microphone! UNITRA MDU 25

Look at this Unitra MDU 25. Look inconspicuous? Perhaps. But we had been looking a well-preserved model for a few years. It can be very rarely encountered in auctions, so it can be called our national rarity. Our specimen comes with the original box, user instructions, receipt and warranty card. In this way, we know that it was sold on 05 April 1978.



New microphone! HORNYPHON EV 7011/31

A very attractive-looking plastic Hornyphon design. The spitting image of its AKG and UHER D11N brothers. The third one from the clone series on our shelf. Perfect condition: a practically new microphone. And the box is also there.


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