We collect old microphones!

It all started by some coincidence and became sort of habitual. Because not all of you can visit us in our studio, we decided to show off our ‘old mics stuff’ on the internet. Most of them aren’t fit for recording, but look perfectly on a shelf; however, some models are still pretty much usable. Our collection is far from being complete. There are loads of mics out there in the world and in Poland, about which we can only dream of. We hope that with time, our dream will come true :)

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News - in our collection


New microphone! PROTON UNKNOWN

Another little puzzle in our collection. According to the http://odemar.home.xs4all.nl website, we found out that the microphone comes from Norway, but which model is it? We don't know. If you, dear reader, happen to know something more, let us know.



New microphone! PHILIPS SBC 3020

Ehhh, don’t you just miss the 1980s while looking at this device? The full-blown kingdom of kitsch forms and colours. Some people still like it. We are not so enthusiastic. Honestly, this Philips is within the scope of our interests, but whatever.



New microphone! UNKNOWN

Does the name Państwowe Zakłady Tele i Radiotechniczne sound familiar? Some time ago (in the 1930s), this was the flagship model of Polish electronics. Does this microphone come from the Warsaw factory in Grochowska Street? Help us if you have catalogues from this period.



New microphone! SENNHEISER MD 427 Profisound

Another Profipower in our family. Microphones from this series are good for the stage and the studio, but they feel the best on our Sennheiser shelf. Professional sound. Perfect condition. Simply Sennheiser.



New microphone! OKTAVA MD 59

Such situations do not happen very often. This Oktava came to us in a box with an original seal. We were the first people to see this microphone since the time it left the Soviet assembly line in 1971. A peculiar feeling.


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