country: Germany
year: 1946

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Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik

RFT stands for Rundfunk- und Fernmelde- Technik, it is a German company association, which produces electronic and radio communication equipment. It was founded in 1946. Its history and structure are pretty much confusing. It consisted of measuring and experimental laboratories, professional and consumer appliances manufacturers and distribution network. The RFT logo can be seen on TVs, cassette players,  stationary and mobile radio receivers, calculators, speakers and, naturally, on microphones.



    years 70's

    nr: 61167

    A renowned dynamic microphone made in Germany. A no longer existing company, which used to be a subsidiary of the German R-F-T corporation. The microphone is still used today in studios and recommended due to its interesting sound performance and solid design. A Big Touchel receptacle. Fixing on a stand may be a problem because of its untypical form factor.

  • RFT 13951 VEB 301

    RFT 13951 VEB 301

    years 60's

    nr: 000900

    A heavy dynamic surround microphone made entirely of metal. A Tuchel connector. Our specimen is in good general condition although it has a few scratches on the housing. But it does have an original base, which does not happen very often.

  • RFT DHM 62

    RFT DHM 62

    years 60's

    nr: none

    Probably one of the ugliest microphones by this company :) A plastic, quite unwieldy body on a simple support. All in a grim, dark grey colour. Features a 3-pin DIN plug at the end of the cable.

  • RFT DM 1122

    RFT DM 1122

    years 70's

    nr: 7027

    An amazing RFT design from the 1970s. Small dynamic microphone in an unusual shape, made of plastic. 3-pin DIN socket. Our model has lost a bit of colour, but the technical condition is fine. The original microphone sold in a padded box. Unfortunately, ours does not contain this accessory.

  • RFT DM 1333

    RFT DM 1333

    years 70's

    nr: none

    One of series of microphones of that manufacturer, which were aimed at the mass market. We heard it was once a cult microphone in the German Democratic Republic (DDR) ;) Packed in a box with transparent lid and the emblem of the manufacturer - characteristic of the period. DIN cable.

  • RFT DM 2000

    RFT DM 2000

    years 80's

    nr: none

    A plastic dynamic microphone bought on 3 June 1986 - we got it in pristine condition. We know because we have the warranty card. The cable with a classic 3-pin DIN connector. The aesthetic, relatively durable and well-crafter base attracts attention. The whole microphone is in a leather-like case.

  • RFT DM 2112M

    RFT DM 2112M

    years 70's

    nr: none

    We learnt from the enclosed warranty that this plastic dynamic RTF microphone was manufactured on 24 August 1974. We also have the user instruction, should you need it. The specimen is completely made of plastic; it is set on a plastic base with a simple bracket. A 3-pin DIN connector at the end of the cable.

  • RFT DM 2412N

    RFT DM 2412N

    years 70's

    nr: brak

    A plastic dynamic microphone by RFT. Looks very similar to RFT 2413M. The only difference is the head colour – the 2412 has a silver one. Except for this detail, the 2412 does not have a permanently attached cable – the plugs into a 3-pin DIN receptacle.

  • RFT DM 2413M

    RFT DM 2413M

    years 80's

    nr: none

    A plastic dynamic microphone on a tripod with adjustable tilt angle. Surprisingly good- and clear-sounding. The 2413 model has a twin brother referenced 2412 N. They differ only by head colour and cable mount. In this model, the cable attachment is at the microphone, it is fixed and ends in a 3-pin DIN plug.

  • RFT DPSM 64

    RFT DPSM 64

    years 1960s

    nr: 36431310

    A simple plastic microphone for speech recordings (Sprach-microphone). Cable ending with a 3-pin DIN plug. Our piece is in perfect condition. It came to us in an original box with proof of purchase. Thanks to this, we know that it was sold exactly on 24th of February 1965.

  • RFT DSM61A

    RFT DSM61A

    years 60's

    nr: 6449

    A very pretty, small-sized studio RFT microphone. Made entirely of metal, supplied in an elegant padded box. Plugs into a Tuchel connector. Information about its connections with Neumann is available on internet message boards. A relatively rare item at auctions.

  • RFT KM 7063

    RFT KM 7063

    years 60's

    nr: none

    This microphone was manufactured by Elektroakustik Leipzig belonging to the RFT Group. Made wholly of plastic, in excellent condition, packed in the original box. A three-pin DIN connector.

  • RFT KM 7162

    RFT KM 7162

    years 60's

    nr: none

    This microphone is actually labelled VEB Funkwerk Leipzig, but the warranty clearly indicates that it is already the RTF brand. A plastic specimen, the insert is covered with metal mesh. In excellent condition. With a three-pin DIN connector.

  • RFT KM 8157

    RFT KM 8157

    years 60's

    nr: none

    A piezoelectric microphone made in the 1960s. Made of plastic, with a membrane behind a nylon mesh. A socket for mounting on a stand at the bottom. A unique, unmistakable design. Contains a 3-pin DIN plug.

  • RFT KM/T70/53

    RFT KM/T70/53

    years 50's

    nr: 36/363/1007

    One of the first microphone series made by this company. A unique bakelite design with a thick-braided cable, ending with a old-type single-pin plug. Our microphone is still in beautiful condition.

  • RFT KM/T70/53 Black

    RFT KM/T70/53 Black

    years 50's

    nr: none

    A black version of KM/T70/53. Unfortunately, this is not the original support, but a home-made leg. The cable ends in a 3-pin DIN connector. This microphone works and offers a unique sound characteristic of the period.

  • RFT KM/T71/53

    RFT KM/T71/53

    years 50's

    nr: none

    One of the first microphone series made by this company. A bakelite design not used by anyone else, therefore unmistakable. Our microphone is in mint condition, very nicely preserved. A thickly-braided cord with an old-type single-pin plug at the end.

  • RFT MV 102 + MK 102

    RFT MV 102 + MK 102

    years 70's

    nr: 4999 + 8705

    A very interesting set consisting of a MV 102 preamplifier, an MK 102 capsule and two covers screwed on the capsule, which are responsible for changing the sound characteristics. The cone-shaped cover (NK 63) enables omnidirectional sound recording while the flat one enables directional recording. The whole thing is made of metal. With a 5-pin socket Unfortunately, the power pack and cable are missing.

  • RFT PM 860

    RFT PM 860

    years 80's

    nr: 2079

    An RFT/Gefell microphone with an N 692 power supply which allows for powering two such microphones at the same time. A nice-sounding, bright model recommended for the acoustic guitar and the piano. With a low-pass filter and a -10db dampener.

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